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People of Japan

Mimi and Andy really were in Japan.

Girls playing rock-paper-scissors (no kidding).

All junior high and high school students must wear a uniforms, regardless of whether they attended public or private school.

People shopping.

Note the knee high boots that these girls above were wearing. Boots were all the rage and three quarters of women under age 50 were wearing them in November 2010. Below are other popular types of boots. Honestly, those furry boots were fairly common.

Dangling toys was a fashion statement. At least half of girls, women, and young men had charms, stuffed animals, or plastic figures hanging from their phones, purses, backpacks, etc.

Guys made their own fashion statement. Guys' fashion can be quite bright and colorful. In the first picture, note the phone danglies coming out of his pocket. Men from teens to 30 years of age sometimes wore brightly colored shoes (red, yellow, and green tennis shoes, for example) as well as brightly colored jackets or pants. It wasn't common but it was more frequent than in the US.

Note the blonde spikey hair that many Japanese guys find fashionable. Women generally choose a more conservative brown or auburn hair color.

People passing out advertisement fliers were often dressed strangely and colorfully. Some more than others ...

For fun, these young folks were giving out free hugs. Mimi and I collected our free hugs, of course.

Colorfully dressed kids at Yoyogi Park.

50's style dancers come out to Yoyogi Park every weekend.

Some women wear full blown kimonos just to look good in public. It was uncommon but less rare than you might think to see women in kimonos.

A bride and groom in semi-traditional garb. I know it was only semi-traditional because we saw a wedding at the one of the shrines wear the bride was obviously decked out in full traditional clothing and makeup.

Airport security.

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