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Tyler 2012

Tyler is surrounded by trees.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge (official website)

Tigers like baths and showers.

Tigers also like to take naps.

Tigers are solitary animals and are usually only seen together when mating or raising cubs.

Lions are a lot like tigers except they do not like water.

If you look closely, this tiger is sucking on her tail like a baby's pacifier.

Tail sucking is rare and has the same effect as a security blanket.

White tigers are not albino. It is a recessive trait.

This tiger has the recessive trait of brown strips instead of black.

Tigers will "hunt" dogs, people, and even other tigers while in their cages.

Tigers do not purr but they chuff when they are being friendly.

Tigers clean themselves alot. His tongue is wider than my hand and twice as long.

I did not take pics but the refuge also has leopards, pumas, and bobcats.

Tyler Municipal Rose Garden Center (official website)

Front section, left. End of June is too late in the season for the best blooms.

Front section, center.

Front section, right.

Part of the Serenity Garden.

The Idea Garden displays natural and adapted plants that can thrive in Tyler.

I got lucky and caught a honey bee at work.

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